So the three assholes who murdered Ahmaud Arbery were found guilty today. 

By, oddly enough (according to the Liberals), a mostly white jury.

Now, while I don’t understand how William Bryan could be convicted of murder when he was about 50 feet away from the actual crime…I think that the rest of the convictions are appropriate. Chased a man down and held him at gunpoint, then a shooting happened. Period. Reason for holding him immaterial. Killed him. Murder.

Wow, twice in a week where the justice system actually prevailed over politics. I am, frankly, surprised.


So will all the Liberals who claimed that an mostly white jury would not find justice for a black man against white killers apologize? Will they admit that this isn’t the Deep South of the 1950’s anymore? Will they stop living in the past? (Stop laughing, it could happen)


(I expect ZERO riots by whites because of this verdict….unlike other cases in the past with other races in the past)