Italy revised it’s Covid Death Rate down by 97%…in other words, only 3% (for those liberals who took Gender Studies in college, that is 3 out of a hundred) of the deaths originally blamed on Covid were actually caused by Covid.

The other 97% were caused by other diseases or reasons like congestive heart failure or liver failure orĀ  just plain old age or other reasons….Not Covid.

THis puts the death rate much closer to a bad flu, as many of us have said. And it means that the entire Covid Lockdown and the damage it did to our economy and our culture and society was completely unnecessary….and that Phizer and Merck and the other companies making :Vaccines” got paid a lot of money for nothing….Taxpayer money spent on unneeded snake oil (tha, apparently doesn’t work all that well and doesn’t last).

Someone needs to go to jail for all the fearmongering. and lies.

3 thoughts on “97%

  1. I dunno. My mom was 92 and had COVID, COPD, dementia, and congestive heart failure, and they’re all listed on her death cert, with COVID listed as the proximate COD. Of course, she would have eventually died of her co-morbidities, but it was the COVID that pushed her over the edge. I’d say you could go either way on this issue, at least in her case.

  2. Several thousand somebodys, all over the country, from county level to national level.

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