White Privilege

So Kyle RIttenhouse goes to Kenosha Wisconsin, is chased and threatened by three men and defends himself….shoots 2 attackers. and is STILL in jail.

About a year and a bit later, Timothy Simpkins (allegedly) walks into a school and shoots 3 kids, and walks out a day later with a $75,000 bail. No threat to his life, just walked into the school and shot….and walks out a day later.

The difference? Kyle Rittenhouse used a rifle and is White.

Simpkins used a pistol and is Black.

Tell me about white privilege again?

3 thoughts on “White Privilege

  1. That is just your “White Supreacist” attitude. Tomothy needed the care of his Moma. He dindu nuffin. It was just an “impulsive” teen thing. Could’a happened to anyone.

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