SO, again

If the Covid situation is as bad as they keep telling us (By “They” I mean the CDC, the Biden administration and, of course Fauci, aided by the Media)….


Why then, did we haveĀ  all those folks in stadiums and racetracks and other public gathering where a “Superspreader” event could have happened?


Perhaps they have found out what the rest of us already knew…that “SuperSpreader” events are just a figment of someone’s imagination and are only possible in their minds when it is a Right Wing event…

Or maybe they realized that no one cares anymore.

One thought on “SO, again

  1. I’m surprised there isn’t a push to shut down the “revolting peasants” and the Lets Go Brandon chants at the sportball stadiums by calling them exactly that, can’t have anybody see that they aren’t alone and isolated in their contempt for what is coming out of DC.

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