Illogical and confusing:


So the media (and by that I mean not only the Mainstream print and broadcast media, but also providers like YouTube and such) are censoring any information contrary to the Government position on the Covid “Vaccine” and absolutely refusing any information regarding alternate treatments (like Ivermectin, even though the new Pfizer anti-covid pill uses compounds that work EXACTLY the same way as Ivermectin does (protease inhibitor)….and that “horse pill” (Ivermectin) was first developed for and still is used for humans as well as livestock)…We know the safe dosage, and that is is safe for cosumption by humans….so even if it doesn’t work, it won’t do harm…But the FDA and CDC have done all they can to prohibit the use of Ivermectin….Yet Pfizer has a similar drug that (of course) costs more……. They have censored almost all data statistics and such on places like YouTube and Google pushes any non approved sites down several pages, so the first few pages show only sites that repeat the government psition….plus Facesbook and such…all in the intent to remove “Disinformation”….(and often that Disinformation is correct, as we have seen in the past)…

It is almost as if there is a conspiracy to hide all the data….Like hiding it and following the government line on Covid  and the “Vaccine”is gonna get the folks that haven’t already gotten the “Vaccine” to take it…anyone who wants to be vaccinated already has been. At this point it is a waste of time and money to push this…unless there is a reason other than the stated one.

(And if being vaccinated is so important, why give “exemptions” to people based on religious beliefs…and why exempt businesses under 100 employees and especially the Postal Service folks from a vaccine mandate??? If it is important to have people vaccinated, why do ANY exemptions? If it matters, why let politics get in the way??) Either having everyone vaccinated is important for public health or it isn’t. Pick one.


It is almost like someone or some agency is coordinting not only the flow of information, but also the message itself…pushing people to get a vaccine that apparently doesn’t work  very well but has some significant side effects…..and something smells here.

The more the Powers That Be push this Covid mRNA stuff, the less I am inclined to take it….The part of me that really likes tinfoil fedoras just can’t help but wonder why the incredibly hard push…I mean, this disease is over 99.5% survivable….and yet the number of dollars being spent to “Vaccinate” everyone across the world is incredible. There has to be a real reason….one other than public health. Is it nefarious? I dunno. Is it misguided? Perhaps. Is there information about the Covid-19 organism that they aren’t telling us? Possibly. But something simply doesn’t make sense. I fear the people in power and their possible agendas worse than I fear the disease at this point. Something simply fails to make sense. Not to get all conspiratorial or anything, but Something Is Up and there has to be another reason for this push for the “Vaccine”….. Is it profit for the pharmaceutical companies? Perhaps. Is it something else? I Possibly, and just as likely. I dunno.  But I don’t like what I am smelling. …My tinfoil beanie is getting shinier by the day….and that scares me.  I once scoffed at the people that said that there was something in the Covid shots that we would not like……something bad…I wrote them off as crazy conspiracy theory nutballs….Now I am not so sure they were crazy…..What with the attempt to bury all the alternative (and apparently, effective) treatments, the political games, the overwhelming drive to get a shot in everyone’s arm, the suppression of stories that fail to meet the standard of whomever chooses what the media and the internet folks publish and allow, I am just feeling ….unsettled. Am I crazy? Maybe. Doesn’t mean I am wrong in seeing the oddness.

Look around, and tell me if I am not at least partially correct.


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  1. This is just like the time that the gubmint stole the Indians land for the umpteenth time and sent them packing into a frigid winter . With smallpox contaminated blankets . But we can trust them this time ! Heh .

  2. But, talk to your doc and get your comorbidities (high blood pressue, Diabetes, obesity, immune supression for cancer or transplant therapy, etc.) addressed

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