Some vaccinated matter more than others?

If the vaccine mandate really meant something…..In other words, if being vaccinated really mattered for public health, then Joe Biden’s office would not have exempted the nearly half-Million Postal workers from his mandate.

If I were a business which had over 100 workers, I’d ignore the mandate simply because of this fact. (forget the fact that, OSHA really doesn’t have the power to “set emergency temporary standards that take effect immediately” until Congress changes things….)

One could also point out that this arbitrary number of “100 employees” forcing a mandate for vaccines shows exactly how stupid this all is…if the vaccine really mattered, then we would not exempt anyone at all, much less small business (nearly 30% of all employed people) employees…. and especially not a single block of a half million Postal Workers….Are we to believe that Postal Workers are somehow less likely to become infected or pass the disease?  .

If vaccination REALLY mattered, Congress and the President would make vaccination a requirement for Federal aid, welfare, and unemployment. If they wanted to get the Poor vaccinated, they’d make it a requirement for continued Obama-phones…

Certainly they would not exempt people based on politics or size of your employer’s payroll.

Like most things Covid, once politics get involved, we see the fact that is is not a real crisis, but instead a political and control issue. Note that, like most mandates, Congress (and this time Federal Juges and their staff) are also not included in this Presidential Mandate.

The part of me that likes tinfoil beanies wonders what, exactly, is the the reason for the Covid jab mandate….It certainly isn’t public health.

One thought on “Some vaccinated matter more than others?

  1. Lessee; a business with 100 employees needs everyone to get the jab, but ten businesses, each with ten employees, doesn’t. I see some SCIENCE there! Notice how Biteme gets others to do his dirty work. I remember another President famous for that. I can’t remember his name, but it started with O, and and ended with bama. Of course, Al Capone was also good at doing that…

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