And another thing:

We are told all the current Covid Cases are the Delta variant…


But only months ago, they were all Covid “Alpha” and “Beta” variants. Now those variants seem to have gone away.

I find that hard to believe….that the “Original” two variants of this disease simply disappeared.

While I am not an epidemiologist, this seems….strange. One would think that the transition would include a mix of the original strains for a long time, with the Delta variant adding to the case count, not taking it over all at once.


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  1. Considering that there is no ‘approved’ test that actually can tell you which variant you have… Good luck with getting that info!

  2. Much the same way that influenza “disappeared” last year in favor of Covid (with the PCR test apparently reporting the flu as Covid), the less scary Covid varieties are being under- or non-reported in favor of the new and scary Delta variant so now all Covid is Delta as last year all respiratory sickness was Covid.

  3. It gets better:

    There’s no direct test for “Delta”, it’s expensive to run if they do it, and no one, AFAIK, is doing it, anywhere locally.

    So all claims for “Delta” are, literally, being pulled out of people’s underpants.

    It’s all a spectrum between pure uninformed hogwash, and outright lies.

    Doesn’t mean there’s not COVID, but it means they have no more idea about what variant is prevalent than they have of what color underwear the Pope is wearing on any given day, or the weather on the back side of Saturn.

    And Aaron, flu “disappearing” last year really isn’t that mysterious, with people locked in, schools and businesses closed, international travel and most interior travel completely shut off, people wearing snot masks in 90% of the country, and everyone using hand sanitizer by the train tankerload. That’s called “How infection control works”, when you take it beyond reasonable, and go straight to draconian/stupid, i.e. full retard.
    There was flu last year. Like 0.01% of a normal year. We tested for flu side-by-side with COVID, using standard flu tests we’ve used for decades. We had cases in the literal single digits (6 or 8, IIRC) where I work, where normally we would have found thousands. No one mistook flu for COVID last year. There simply wasn’t any flu getting here, nor propagating if it did. No mystery there whatsoever, and no tinfoil required to explain it. It just didn’t happen.

    And while it’s different here than in the Southeast, COVID hereabouts is spiking now, but it’s nothing compared to last winter. As in maybe 5% of visits/admits, versus 90% last December/January, when we had converted hallways and lobbies into wards. Zero evidence here of “Delta”, or any other variant, being more contagious, let alone going hog-wild, and the infected ratio vaxxed/unvaxxed is running around 50:50.

    Stories to the contrary is news spokesholes parroting Establishment memes, rather than reporting facts on the ground.


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