Am I the only one that finds this commercial creepy?


I mean, people I don’t know (Likely actors anyway (And carefully selected for diversity!)) telling me to “Trust Us”.

I find very few “Health Care Professionals” to be worthy of trust anyway, finding that they mostly just follow “Protocol” unthinkingly….Few really observe data and make their own decisions…Few,  apparently, can think beyond what they are told. Very few are actual thinkers or analysts.

But I’m supposed to trust them, whoever they are?

Nah. I wouldn’t trust any of those people…”Doctor” or actor.

Know what they call the guy or gal that finished last in their Medical School class?


“Trust Us”.


The harder they push for me to take their “Vaccine”, the more they change their statements (remember where they once said 60% would give us “Herd Immunity”…then 70%, now it must be over 85%?) the less I trust them….the less inclined I am to take the shot….and the more suspicious I am about the real reason they want us to take it…..

One thing of note: Biden stated that “we need to protect the vaccinated workers from the unvaccinated workers”..

So: If the “vaccine” works why do the vaccinated workers need protection from the unvaccinated?

If the “vaccine” doesn’t work, or is so ineffective, then why should I bother to take it?

Which is it?

3 thoughts on “Am I the only one that finds this commercial creepy?

  1. Notice that we’re no longer Americans… According to Biden, we’re “The Unvaccinated.” Hitler used this same tactic to turn the German people against the Jews… Wake up, folks… You’re doing it again…

  2. There is a version of that propaganda playing here in Kommiecticut. Each time a different “doctor” comes up on the screen I simply say “fuck off” to each one.

    Back in May when I went to my own doctor, he tried to get me to get jabbed. He asked what information he could provide to convince me, to which I replied there is nothing since I had the Chink-Bug and have natural immunity. I have seen reports that claim the natural immunity from having and recovering from Chink-Bug is 27 times more effective than the jab.

    When I see him again in November, I will be requesting they add an antibody test to my lab orders, of which I will pay out of pocket if I have to. That will become my alternate to any jab card.

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