26 of the 27 had ties to the Wuhan lab

And now the LancetĀ is sorta-kinda backing away from their derision of the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory.

But “Trust the Scientists!” we are told…repeatedly.

When politics trumps science…when scientists make claims to keep their jobs and their paychecks….why should we trust any of ’em? Why should we trust the next statement from any scientist or doctor…how do we know their statement isn’t influenced by funding?

“Science” and “Scientists” and “Experts” have shown us that their advice isn’t worth listening to….they have, essentially, lied to usĀ  (and any dissenting opinions have been suppressed)…Who can we trust? How can we know? Even the preeminent “expert” has played fast and loose with the truth…(Yes, Dr Fauci, I’m talking about you)…

When “Peer Reviewed” publications like the Lancet are willing to lie to us….Can we trust any of the “experts”? Can we trust ’em to tell us the truth about such things as the Covid “Vaccine” either?

2 thoughts on “26 of the 27 had ties to the Wuhan lab

  1. The “names” with private offices don’t have a clue. The problems come from the nobodies who run the place and in many orgs, the “political” hires of useless kin and “party members”. Cage cleaners and floor moppers are where success and failure originate. Virus, bacteria, and tissue culture facilities are a bear to keep functional. I’d guess that some low-level flunky didn’t wash his paws or boots or maybe sold off some “extra” critters. It doesn’t take much. The “high and mighty” would never have a clue, but will never shut up in public.

    As I recall, during the “bird flu” thing, big commercial brood houses had individual boots and tools in each building. All it took was one moron with wild bird poop on his/her shoes/boots to make an entire brood house hot, then dead. Wuhan virus lab was as likely to succeed in China as Flint was to provide clean water or East Saint Louis to operate a sanitary sewer system. The CCP shut down internal travel but made sure that the “bug” flew to the West. At that point, the CCP knew exactly what they were doing. Cuomo (D) followed the same path in N.Y.

  2. By the by, “peer review” only checks for coherent text, appropriate references, and proper statistical tests. “Peer Review” never does a full audit on the data or the lab submitting a report. The journal management still has the ultimate power to publish or reject a submission. “Letters to the Editor” or “Opinion” pieces are selected and “shoveled” by the journal management without any review (except for spelling and punctuation.), a/k/a “Propaganda”.

    Looks like everything in the “Lancet” must now be viewed with suspicion.

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