Do you know?

That the TSA is racially profiling black people?


I mean, one has to show an ID(and a boarding pass)  to enter the “Secure Area” of an airport.

And we know (Because the Democrat Party tells us) that Black people have a hard time getting an ID (Remember, the DNC tells us that requiring an ID is racist and a method of preventing black people from voting) and therefore it is racist of the TSA to require and ID….Must be that the TSA doesn’t want those black people to travel.

Yeah, I know, all of the above sounds stupid. But then again, so does the claim that preventing Voter Fraud by requiring an ID is racist.

Ever notice that only black people are disadvantaged by the ID requirements? That hispanics, asians, and other minorities are somehow able to acquire an ID? Funny that, innit? One might think that the DNC types believe that Black People are less intelligent or otherwise handicapped or simply lesser beings that the rest of the humans……Unlike the rest of us, who think that they are equal.

2 thoughts on “Do you know?

  1. Well the dem’s do revere Margaret Sanger and she started planned parenthood designed to do one thing. Abort as many black children as possible. She thought that they were sub standard humans.

  2. Most black folk I know who have joined Club America are pretty insulted by all of this…

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