If the Media and the Social Media and most of the Federal Agencies that knew about 8 months ago what they are releasing/admitting today….that the China/Wuhan virus was created by China and likely released accidentally (or not) from the lab….

We’d likely not have to deal with Biden’s gaffes nor would we be making jokes about “Joe and the Ho” nor would we have had the election controversey…nor would we still have to listen to the Left and the media (but I repeat myself) yammer on about the “Kapitol Insurrexxion!!!!!”

In other words, we’d likely have Trump as President right now.

But the Media the Left (but again, repeating) and much of the agencies tasked with finding out and telling us the truth failed to inform us of China’s responsibilities in ths global crisis.

If yer Reynolds Wrap Kippah seems too tight, then you might think all of the above failure to tell us the truth had been done for a reason….and we got Creepy Slow Joe and Willie Brown’s side piece as out Executive Branch.

4 thoughts on “Y’know….

  1. I don’t really buy into Trump losing the election because of manipulation of the Covid lies and disinformation.

    The ability to create however many votes needed to ensure a Biden win existed.

    Trump could have cured cancer and ended all wars forever, and Biden would have won.

    If Trump runs again, I expect the same outcome.

  2. I guess some people will keep their heads in the sand about a stolen election.
    The media interfered in the election, just like they say russia did. The media manipulated the election.

  3. which is proof that it was intentional. it enabled the absentee voting scams etc.

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