The killing of black people continues

Looks like (at least) 32 shot as of 6/12 and another 5 killed on the South Side of Chicago, depending on the source you use. probablu another 25% before the weekend is over.

Zero (as in none) black men killed by cops though.

If Black Lives Matter, why don’t they matter to black people?

Plus, one dog injured by bullets when the car he was in was targeted by shooters and the driver was killed.

The Media, of course, keeps hiding the fact that nearly all the victims were black people, targeted by other black people….either to hide the fact that the violence is caused by (and mostly restricted to) one race and location, or to hide the fact that they are doing it to themselves, and it isn’t racist whites or cops doing the killing of black people.

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  1. It’s not on their ‘agenda’, so they ignore those pesky facts…

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