An example of what is wrong with Liberals:

So the city gave the property to the Community Activist to use for Murals for “Beautification”….so there were Murals painted (and not for free) on the walls of a viaduct.

And now, surprise, surprise, surprise, the murals on the walls are covered in…pigeon shit as the pigeons that roost along the top of the walls the murals are painted upon do what pigeons do….

And she (the community activist) seems to think that this is the responsibility of the City of Chicago to clean up so that everyone can see the murals that she raised money to pay the mural artist to paint. Not her responsibility, but either the city or the railroad that runs over the viaduct. It is someone else’s responsibility to clean up. She was able to get someone to donate money for the “Beautification” of the neighborhood, but she can’t get enough of the neighborhood residents together to spray the walls clean. And she never planned for maintenance so she is whining to the city (and the News Media) to fix the issue…Typical Liberal. Can’t take responsibility for anything.

Of course, this is Pilsen, on the South Side, primarily non-white, so it fits the pattern we see everywhere….in the larger cities in the US and all across the world. The people of the community can’t be bothered to get off their ass and even keep their own area clean.  can’t get together and spray the walls clean and push a broom to clean the detritus off the sidewalk…..

Here is the CBS 2 website report. 



2 thoughts on “An example of what is wrong with Liberals:

  1. yep, always begging somebody else to solve their problems, when the problem is them.

  2. Lemme guess, they didn’t ‘notice’ the birds when they picked the location??? Or they cleaned it ONCE and figured somebody else would pick up the job (which isn’t happening)… sigh

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