Who is the racist?

Dude couldn’t just say “Thank You”.

So on my way into town Friday afternoon, for a quick errand, I passed a guy with his trunk open pulling out the jack and spare.

25 minutes or so later, as I was passing back the other way, I see the same dude in the same place, so I turned the truck around and stopped behind him with the flashers and strobes on and ambled my way up to him. I figured he might be missing a jack handle or something…

He was struggling to get two of the 5 lugnuts loose.

As I had the cordless 1/2 inch impact with me, I offered to help. He allowed as that might be a good idea. So I pulled a set of metric sockets out, found the right size and got the lugnuts loose (they were REALLY tight) and he pulled the flat off and began to put the spare on.

He looked up at me and said “I’m surprised you would stop and help a black man”. I was stunned for a minute. Then I got angry.

“Well, brother, when I passed you going into town, I assumed you were competent and able to change a tire…when I went past 20 minutes later, and you were still there, I figured you either had an issue or didn’t know what you were doing…..So I stopped to help. The color of your skin didn’t enter into the equation….Sorry if my help was too “white” for you…..I noticed you didn’t mind my lilly white ass helping you… Probably gonna affect my decision to help the next guy with skin darker than mine though. I saw a man needing help..Your color didn’t matter to me, sorry mine mattered to you. Have a Nice Fuckin’ Day”.

With that, I picked up my tools, turned around, tossed ’em in the truck and left before I said (or did) something bad.

WTF? Godammned racist jacknoodle couldn’t just say “thank you” ? Nope, it had to be, somehow, about color.  I’ve just about had it with this attitude ..that ALL caucasians are inherently racist….This attitude towards whites is getting to be bullshit. Gonna backfire too.

I’m still angry 16 hours later.

One thought on “Who is the racist?

  1. His attitude is what is wrong with this country. As you said, he couldn’t just say thank you, but instead had to whine.
    I wouldn’t have stopped, because long ago I came to the conclusion people need to help themselves.

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