You gotta feel sorry

For the folks in Minneapolis.

The waiting.

Knowing that no matter how the verdict goes, it will be used as an excuse for riots and “asset redistirbution” and burning.

Pretty much also at any larger city.

Whoever is orchestrating this is doing terrible damage to the way that Black people are looked upon by their fellow citizens.

3 thoughts on “You gotta feel sorry

  1. The people who are orchestrating this WANT the hate. It WORKS for them. They get the useful idiots to do all the dirty work. …And that’s just what these people are USEFUL IDIOTS.

  2. No, actually, I don’t “gotta feel sorry”. The idiots in Minneapolis are getting exactly what they deserve. Since nobody there has the guts to take a stand against this crap, I bought extra beer and popcorn for the show. Screw the Dumbocrat morons.

  3. I gotta second Stuart’s thoughts.

    You elect criminals to represent you and you get exactly this. There are are far more good people than bad in Minnesota. THEY need to stand up to the race mobs. The god damned Govt sure as hell won’t.

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