If the “Black Leadership” would spend half the energy LEADING rather than protesting and pontificating….

And the rest of the “Black Community” would spend half of the energy they do protesting and crying for handouts on actually improving themselves and especially their community…..

And if Both groups would stop making excuses for the behavior of some (not all, by any means) of their members criminal activities and instead help police their own communities….

Then we wouldn’t be having any issues.

Of course, then the Black Lives Matter (Buy Large Mansions) movement and the Sharptons and the rest wouldn’t be able to make any money off of their supporters, either.



2 thoughts on “Y’know

  1. Their ‘income’ is based on keeping the masses riled up. They will never stop as long as they are alive.

  2. You forgot the catalyst-in-chief of the racial relation regression… OBAMA!

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