Almost all of Bidens’s clamed reasons for his “Executive Orders” regarding firearms could be fixed if we, as a society, would deal with the underlying issues:

If he wants to stop black men from killing themselves with firearms (and a lot of other implements) then firstly admit that that segment of the society is a problem (young black males) and stop treating those criminals with kid gloves. Jail time. enforcement. No more low/no bail, etc. enforce drug laws and close down the sales on the streets. But admit that they are the problem. Admit that Black Males (or a subset of that demographic) are violent and kill each other often…..largely as a part of doing business in the drug trade. That they are a large percentage of the issue, not the white guy in the suburbs.

Stop “mainstreaming” mentally unhealthy people back onto the streets, stop depending on pharmecuticals to keep them them in a mental state where they will be able to somewhat function. Place them in homes where they can be sheltered and taken care of, and where they will not be a danger to others.

Enforce existing gun laws. No really, we have a lot, many of which were Knee-Jerk reactions to previous shooting, that are unenforced, ignored, or otherwise made useless.

Background checks only work when there is a database of good information to work with. So fix that database. Then use it. Enforce the rules.

And, most of all, if you want support to fix the “Gun Violence” problem: Stop lying.


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  1. It’s too easy to actually ENFORCE laws… And it ‘penalizes’ the wrong people don’tcha know…

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