Why should they bother?

So I listened to someone in a group I was with today tell everyone that the Covid shot was implanting a GPS tracker in each and every person that would enable the feds to track the recioient for the next 5 years…..on and on and on. (I’m not a propenent of the Covid shot, but I can’t stand stupid (and undeucated) conspiracy bullshit)

So finally I couldn’t help myself:

“Leaving the technological issues of the size of current “tracking devices” (about a grain of rice just for the RFID stuff) and battery life (for 5 years) and the fact that current RFID stuff doesn’t transmit a GPS location, you gotta ask yourself, why would they bother?”

“What do you mean?….they need to track us”

“I’m not saying that they do or don’t need to track us…but they already can track you”

“How can they do that? I didn’t get the shot”

“You carry a tracking device around with you all day every day…that cell phone that you have in your purse…”

The silence was very loud.