There’s Big Money in Racism

Seems that Patrisse Khan-Cullors, BLM’s co-founder, has just spent another 1.4 Million dollars to purchase her FOURTH house.

One might ask, where did the money come from?

Further, on might ask why, if she believes what she preaches, did she not spend that money helping Black Lives in need?…..If they really mattered.

I would think that 1.4 Million dollars could help a lot of poor people. (and think about this: If the cash came from compensation from BLM, then the taxes mean that she got paid more than 2 million dollars for the 1.4 to have been left over after those taxes….lots of scratch, innit? ) How much is BLM paying her?

Realize also that this is her FOURTH house in non black neighborhoods.

Not to mention that she isn’t picking homes in a majority Black neighborhood…not poor ones….her new home is in a location where the population is less than 2% black and fairly affluent. One might have thought that she’d spend some of that money to purchase a home in a majority black neighborhood, hire a bunch of people, and do something to help the neighborhood improve…..

But, apparently, like most black leaders, she’s just fleecing her followers. I guess there is really good money to be made on racial unrest.

I guess she doesn’t want to live in a black neighborhood amongst the high crime and drugs and violence either….



One thought on “There’s Big Money in Racism

  1. Local BLM organizations have seen little, if ANY, of the money collected… Sucks to be them.

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