Others have said it



But it is true:

I may not know how to be less white, but I can certainly buy fewer Coke products.

Here is a list of Coke products.

I guess I gotta find another brand of milk, and another brand of Cola….I preferred Coke over Pepsi, and truly, Pepsi isn’t much better when it comes to Wokeness.

But I won’t support a company that hates me because of my race. (which isn’t all white, but they dislike the white part of me). Since they dislike my “whiteness”, they can do without my money.

Thre’s lots of other brands for me to support that are, if not pro white (or neutral when it comes to race), at least not Anti-White.

When did it go from “a level playing field” to discriminating against white people? Why isn’t that Racism? If I told someone to be “Less Black” that would be a Bad Thing…why is the reverse any different?

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