“Asian Hate”

This whole “Asian HAte” is suddenly, amonst instantly, a thing. Almost like someone has a campaign ready for it.

What is the reason? We know the (Oddly) nearly instant “Black Lives Matter” was ginned up to get the black people riled up so they’d vote Democrat (innit odd how it all suddenly died down right after the election?)….So what is the reason for the sudden :Asian Hate” meme?

I mean, Joe is bought and paid for by the Chinese, but I don’t see how this helps him or the PRC…..


One thought on ““Asian Hate”

  1. Partly it is due to their losing their hold on Asians due to Universities heavily discriminating against them on the name of diversity and affirmative action, and they want to reel them back in to the party and push their intersectionality push.

    It’s also pushing on the narrative that it’s the fault of white supremacists and they can blame the evil Trump for it, when in fact anti-Asian hate crimes are heavily committed by Blacks which kills that narrative completely..

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