and now it is 3 feet

So in Chicago, the schools are reducing the “Social Distancing” to THREE FEET….’cause they have learned better….or they realize that they can’t return to in-school learning¬† with a 6 foot distancing…so they changed the guidelines to make things less difficult….You know, those guidelines we were all told to follow or it could cost us our life….the ones that the “experts” told us we had to follow? The “guidelines” that the businesses had to enforce or they suffered the threat of being shut down even further or losing their business licenses entirely…..

Now, We all know that there was no science involved in the 6 foot distancing (2 meters for our metric friends)…it was a made-up number. Someone said “gee, we should tell people to stay apart so as not to pass this disease”…..and someone suggested 2 meters and that became the manta of how to protect yourself from Covid….even though there was absolutely ZERO dtata upon which they based the decision or the distance…

Now that it is inconvenient to have schools with a 6 foot distancing, the Illinois Department of Health has (conveneintly for the schools) reduced that to 3 feet…. Odd, that.

Covid id a funny disease though….it is (now) less dnagerous in schools than it was months ago….it is MORE dangerous in the evening, especially after 10 (or 8) PM in a bar……it is dangerous when you walk to your table at a restaurant, but not when you are sitting AT the table eating….

So much bullshit surrounding covid. There was, apparently, as much “science” in the response to Covid as there is “science” in the “Global Warming” debate….(which, when facts showed there was no warming, then became “Climate Change”…..


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  1. And three feet is… the legal definition of “elbow room,” which is each person’s psychological “territory.” In other words, NORMAL!

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