Price gouging

Remember back when…when the pandemic/Covid -19 panic happened and people had a hard time finding hand sanitizer and the price for it shot up? Remember the screaming about “Price Gouging” by the Liberals? There were, in fact, criminal charges brought against some folks who cornered a supply and profited from their wisdom. There were attempts to control the price of sanitizer legislatively….

So where are those folks today? Where are the cries of Price Gouging for ammunition? I mean, prices are high, and some folks have made a killing, having bought large supplies early and now selling them at a great profit. Where is the charges of Price Gouging? I don’t see any attempt to legislate the price of ammo by our legislators….(and I hope we don’t, either, for any items)

Yes, prices are high. We know that. We also know why….a relatively inelastic supply and a rising demand…..Economics 101. Same thing happened with Hand Sanitizer…But the the Liberals cried and the governments jumped in….why not this time?

(By the way, it is easy to make your own sanitizer…..(and ammo, if you are prepared) yet all these liberals whined because they couldn’t buy Purell at cheap prices…..)

One thought on “Price gouging

  1. Agendas and priorities… And the third rail of politics. They’re not going to touch ammo prices, hoping this will drive people out of the gun world.

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