Of course they did

Family of boy who died during Texas winter storm sues ERCOT and Entergy for $100 million

Always someone else’s fault, innit?

And that someone ususally has Deep Pockets.

He was sleeping with his 3 year old brother when he passed, BTW:

“Pavon’s mother, Maria Elisa Pineda Guzman, said the family had been sleeping in one room to keep warm. “He fell asleep. He had a shirt, a sweater, two pairs of pants, socks on,” Pavon’s aunt, Jaliza Yera, told K’HOU. His stepfather checked on him later that evening and put another blanket over him.”.

No way it got cold enough for him to die of hypothermia….not dressed like that and covered in several blankets with another sibling in bed with him.

I’m thinking they simply see this as a payday.

I’m suprised his death hasn’t been attributed to covid though….

One thought on “Of course they did

  1. “later . . .put another blanket over him” ? why did they not use all their blankets at the beginning? the three year old should have expired first if just due to cooling as being of less mass. both kids are tiny. why was the whole family not in one bed together, under all their blankets, if they were in the same room? “step father”? sad, the deceased looks to have been a good kid.

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