Interesting Statistics

But, of course, they are ….racist. ‘Cause they tell the story that most of us who work with, live near, and interact with have seen with our own eyes.

Ask any cop, andy social worker, anyone who in any way interacts with folks of all races. They’ll tell you the same story. But folks like us, who actually SEE the real world….we too are racist., At least we are to those poeple who dislike the truth and who refuse to face it.

Via Kenny, we have this report, which (once again) shows us the REAL numbers….and the numbers have not really changed in most of my lifetime. Facts are harsh, but in the end, the reality is what it is, face it or not. The issue isn’t racism, it is the people committing the crimes.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Statistics

  1. No surprise. But reality doesn’t fit the ‘agenda’…

  2. Would love to see the statistic’s for the 10 or so years after the implementation of “The Great Society”.

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