Cries for her ouster

ANd we have the Media and the Democrats crying for the “ouster” of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene…who is an outspoken woman who supports Trump….And whose words are being “viewed with alarm” by a bunch of people with Faux Outrage….

Her remarks are, perhaps, outside of the mainstream, but hardly terriibly bad.

And Innit odd how these same folks calling for her to leave her position didn’t decry all those Democrat politicians who called for violence and protest and civil unrest……

Funny how that works.

2 thoughts on “Cries for her ouster

  1. But they’re good with AOC, Shelia Jackson-Lee, et al…

  2. The media had no issue with Waters calling for the public to gather and make life hell for any GOP representative caught out in public. I don’t recall the democrats condemning the action. I do remember people actually following through with the harassment. I remember Senator Rand Paul and his wife being attacked in DC and the people escorting him being attacked. Still waiting for an apology, or the left reprimanding Waters for her actions. I absolutely abhor the left’s double standard. I may not agree with everything Greene says, but, her state voted for her, and if they have an issue with her behavior, they can recall her or not reelect her. Lord knows we could do with out Pelosi, Feinstein, Schiff and countless others, but their demented districts keep electing them, and we are stuck with them, so, the left can suck it up and put up with Greene until her election time.

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