Yesterday, I watched (some of) the inauguration

 (I couldn’t listen, because no matter which channel I tuned to, the oozing effusiveness of the announcers was stomach turning..but I watched and listened to the speech)

And, last night, as I was falling into slumber, I was struck by the …..cheapness…the emptiness, the hollowness of this inauguration comapared to others…Barry Soetoro had a decent inauguration…George W. Bush had a solemn and well recieved ceremony. Donald Trump had one that was well orchestrated with a great deal of adulation and class…

This time in 2021 rang hollow. There was no smoothness, no real “Ceremony”…they went through the motions, and Biden and Kamala did the requisite things…made speeches, visited the appropriate memorials and cemeteries, did the parade, and in all respects did what other Presidents did. 

Yet it all had a feeling of wrongness, of cheapness, of something missing….almost as if everyone involved, everyone there, knew that this was an inauguration that was just wrong….and they were determined to go though with it anyway….Like a forced wedding, it looked and felt….Incorrect. False. Illegitimate. Cheapened. 

It was somewhat appropriate that there could be no crowds for this inauguration due to overblown precautions for a disease with a 99+% survival rate….

And what one would expect for an illegitmately elected President. Fitting.

As it should be, really. 

2 thoughts on “Yesterday, I watched (some of) the inauguration

  1. One inaugeration I couldn't bring myself to watch. Well, three actually. Didn't watch Obummer either. I did enjoy the meme of Bill Clinton sleeping. Found that part rather enjoyable. I will try and stay positive and enjoy the Biden daily blunders and gaffes. Stuck riding the rollercoaster down, may as well try and enjoy the ride the best I can.]

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