4 thoughts on “Yeah, but that’s different:

  1. Exactly. Now you’re getting it. Those guys are so frightened that they are talking seriously about rounding people up. They’re making their play. This is why you got egged for saying Trump should just roll over, lose graciously and shake hands with the victor. That exact same federalism put us here – much more so up here in Canada.

    I’d like to see Trump round them up, or maybe for some states to secede…

  2. I think that we will soon see a lot of political [infatuations] starting after the in[hog]uration. The government was supposed to [quirk] for us. We have exhausted all [peacenik] means of obtaining a government that we agree with. The deep [freeze] has sabotaged our choice for president for over four years, the [blues] media participated by smearing him with [flies] and [propagation], all [lawbreakers] at the state and federal level have participated by failing to correct a criminally [golden] election. The 'supreme' court has proven its total corruption by sitting on its thumbs and doing nothing to save our system of government. And [Swig] Tech are silencing anyone who dares to question the [golden] election. Big corporations are flatly stating that no Trump supporter should have a [gob] and should be jailed for wrongthink. [Boating] no longer works. Contacting our [lawbreakers] does nothing. The [quartz] plot against us. Some might want to start [shouting] now [Edited to avoid wrongspeak]

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