So the “protest” happened. 

Thousands or more people showed up. Made their dispeasure heard. 

And it amounted to NOTHING. 

The electoral votes were counted as legitimate. Joe Biden was acknowledged as the incoming President-Elect. 

And the Media spin makes all those patriotic protestors look like fools. 

There was no different outcome than if the protest had not happened. At the end of it, it made no difference. 

I applaud the efforts, but it was a foregone conclusion that it would make no difference.

2 thoughts on “Toldya

  1. I think the mission was accomplished. Whatever the MSM says; whatever the Congresscritters say, TPTB know now just how pissed off good-sized portion of the country is, and just how far they'll go to be heard. They know that for every person who took part in the protest, there were a thousand there in spirit. They also know they can only go so far in condemning the riot, given the tacit approval they've given to the only ones whose lives matter…

    I like the way the MSM is posting a 1-800 tip line for the FBI! Those people aren't going to be turning on each other. If I knew one of them I'd NEVER turn them in. All TPTB can count on is their "Hitler youth" to snitch on their neighbors… But somehow Trump was Hitler…

  2. You know what else has been accomplished, Peteforester? In less than four years the right has lost the House, the Senate and the Presidency.

    If the left is as bad as y'all suggest, get ready to have some legislation jammed down your throats that will test your gag reflex.

    And, B, I'm not going to play whack-a-mole with your unsubstantiated claims of election fraud. I have refuted your claims here and others have refuted your claims elsewhere. If you ever find any evidence that sticks in a place that matters (court of law, legislative body), I'll listen, but until then, you're just crying, "the earth is flat."


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