‘Tis interesting:

(and this is what “Mostly Peaceful” really looks like, BTW)

The folks this summer, who trashed blocks and blocks in protest of a criminal who was killed resisting arrest were feted by the Media as heroes, as “brave protesters”. 

The folks today, who protested a stolen election, are described as “criminals” and “terrible people”.

If only the police had been as eager to stop the riots this summer….DC police are getting help from other states, fer chrissake. IF they’d brought in more police this summer in those blue cites toen by protests, Millions and millions of dollars of damage would have been prevented. 

These folks today are far more legitimate in their protest than the rioters this summer. If only they were treated in the same manner. Of course, they aren’t protesting an “approved” cause…

They aren’t stealing property…in fact, it cost most of them to be there in DC. Big difference. 

I do think that it is a good thing that these Legislators got a taste of what the general citizenry has endured over the past year….that they learned that the Halls of Government are not sacrosanct, nor are they inviolate. 

Sadly, I don’t think that these brave protesters will change the outcome, though.