One thought on “Pretty much

  1. I will vote in the future, as I always do, but, I will no longer really believe the vote was counted properly. I saw way too many videos of questionable (to say the least) activities. I see no reason that conservative inspectors were either expelled, or denied admittance to polling areas. Or, the videos where they were denied entry and windows were covered with boards or cardboard to prevent seeing what was happening. The machines that early on, converted votes from trump to Biden, and administrators admitted the error at the time, and said it had been corrected. BUT, later on, the same administrators denied there was ever a problem. No sir, I will never actually trust the count, but I will continue to vote, though my actual trust in the system has been thoroughly destroyed. Nobody will ever convince me Trump didn't win. I am not a Trump fan. I read my news so I don't have to listen to him. I do love the results over the last four years, and that is why I voted for him. I will never believe basement dweller Biden won.

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