Note the date:

 (and the fact that it is USAToday, not exactly a fan of Donals Trump)

Is your vote safe?

Of course, those of us that doubt the current “President” is legitimate must be delusional…right? 

And that does not take into account all those magical Mail-In ballots that appeared so suddenly….or the late ones, or the ones without a signature, or the ones with no postmark…..

(and any DNC-type reading this…you can deny, but unless you are stupid as a bunch of carrots, you know as well as we do that Joe wasn’t legitimately elected)

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  1. All good points, except that NONE of them were allowed to go to court and be PROVEN, which is what the left with throw up everytime.

  2. Intriguing. Of course the first sentence in the article says these "unreliable and inaccurate" machines have been in use for two decades, so I guess that means that Trump, Obama and Bush II were also illegitimate.

    No where in the article does it suggest that the unreliable and inaccurate machines favor one party over another. You think the election was stolen, but it could just as easily mean Biden won by an even larger margin.

    I will say that Georgia has a new voting system that was chosen by the Republican Governor and SoS and purchased by the Republican controlled state house. It has no paper back-up. This was the biggest reason my wife and I chose to vote by absentee ballot when it was offered.

    By the way, did you read this article that was embedded in your link:

    Just another article that suggests that absentee ballot fraud is a myth.

    But I'm on board for a thorough investigation of all voting machines used in all precincts of this country.


  3. No, the article says there IS NO EVIDENCE for voter fraud…whjich is true, because NO ONE investigated. THe courts chose not to require an investigation, and therefore there is no evidence, as those suspect votes were mixed with all the other ballots, thus making them un-investigable, as they were no longer sequestered.
    Keep trying to misdirect "Pete"…IT's been the Mantra of the Left almost since before the election….

    BTW, I noticed your alter ego hasn't been posting elsewhere…

  4. Come on, B, what do you believe think tanks do (and that is what the Heritage Foundation is, a conservative think tank)?

    They investigate and research issues (in this case voter fraud). Hard to believe that conservative think tanks (and I would guess that the Heritage Foundation was not the only one looking into voter fraud), along with the Trump campaign and the RNC were not able to find anything more than extremely isolated cases of voter fraud if it was as rampant as your side has suggested.

    By the way, this issue played out in one of two ways in the courts. Either the lawsuits were thrown out or withdrawn because of lack of evidence (where most Americans live, the court is going to require evidence going in before they proceed with an investigation), or the lawsuits dealt with the legality of the way individual states changed the way the election was held due to the pandemic and the courts ruled that it was a states' rights issue. These latter cases didn't have anything to do with fraud.

    Take the blinders off, B, there's whole, big world out there.

    BTW, I don't have an alter ego.


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