Most Flak when over the target

 The continued “deplatforming” of anyone who dares make statements that are not in alignment with the current Liberal standard party line tell me that many of the statements are close to the truth. 

If there was no fear of the statements, what with all the “fact checkers” denying the truth, simply ignoring folks with a contrary viewpoint would be enough…But the Left needs to silence those who dissent……Which tell us all we need to know about the veracity of those non-approved viewpoints and claims. 

3 thoughts on “Most Flak when over the target

  1. Yes, this. They are terrified. They know they cheated to get there, they know we know it, and they are projecting their brand of behavior on us- they think we will use violence just as they have.

    They are wrong.

    What is coming is far scarier than violence, if they were smart enough to understand.

  2. No, they are not terrified. Quit your masturbation. They are totalitarians and they are taking control. They know they have won.
    Do you really think Hitler or Stalin was "terrified"?

  3. Yeah, They're just happy little clams. That's why they put up barbed wire and brought in thousands of troops. No fear there at all. "Quit your masturbation" lol.

    Yes, they were. Fortunately, sheep like you kept them in power. Maybe you should read a bit about Nicolae Ceaușescu.

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