“Inciting a riot”

 I would like to know, exactly, what words the President (Donald J. Trump) supposedly used to “Incite a Riot or Rebellion”. 

Did he say “Go to the Capitol and break in and hang the tratorious bitch, Nancy Pelosi“? Somehow I missed that part.

Did he say “Sack the offices and scare the hell out of those folks who won’t bother to investigate obvious Fraud in our voting process“? Apparently I missed that part too. 

Did he in ANY WAY state that the Capitol should be sacked? 

People purporting to support him did occupy the Capitol…..But I haven’t seen where he told ’em to do so. 

Go ahead, read his speech, feel free to quote the parts where he said that in the comments….be specific. No assumed “coded” words, no interpretation….just the words he used that can convict him of the crime he is accused of. 

(And let’s face it, except when the Congress is in Sesssion, it is just an office building)…..so IF he is guilty, somehow, then when the Hart building was occupied during the Kavanaugh hearings those seators and congressmen who approved of that, who ENCOURAGED that action are also guilty of insurrection and inciting a riot…But there are no charges for those folks, are there?) 

The folks in Congress following Nancy Pelosi know that it won’t make it past the Senate, so this is a symbolic gesture…a “Fuck You” to Trump and his supporters.  The people supporting these charges should be ashamed, that they are using our money, our system, to once again trash the exiting (but legally elected) outgoing president. 

At the end of this, it shows the Character of these legislators. Shows us their True Colors, as it were.  

2 thoughts on ““Inciting a riot”

  1. If anyone was thinking about starting a real grassroots 3rd party, NOW WOULD BE THE TIME! "The People" have been thrown under the bus by both the Left and Right… Time for 'em all to go!

  2. In Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, or Red China you do not have to do anything 'wrong'. Whatever you do will be deemed to be wrong if you are not part of the regime. The narrative will be changed to whatever is necessary in order to convict you of wrongspeak. And if you support a wrongspeaker, or ever have, you are guilty by association and don't deserve a job or a life. Don't worry about what his actual words were, it doesn't matter.
    BTW- the only party that will be started now is a hunting party. It will be as spicy as Ghost pepper habanero sauce.

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