I’m thinking they are surprised

 The Media is surprised, shocked and a little afraid:

This time, they have seen the folks on the Right, usually peaceful and law abiding, using tactics that are generally reserved for the Left.

I think it makes them afraid. Afraid that the tactics that are generally reserved for their side used against them. Tactics used by folks that are usually law abiding. Afraid of the monster that they have unleased, even if only a little bit. Afraid that the people being “civilly disobedient” might actually stand up and decide that unlawfulness, usually the tactic of the Left, might be a good idea. Afraid that these folks, smarter, more thoughtful, and better armed for conflict might just do something that could harm them. That this protest might just bear fruit. That this protest, composed of people that are gnerally better behaved, might endanger them. 

I think they are afraid. Very afraid. 


One thought on “I’m thinking they are surprised

  1. "Tactics used by folks that are usually law abiding."

    There's been a whole lot of killing in the world, and the right has been responsible for its fair share. So until the BLM demonstrations start to approach the body count of what Timothy McVeigh did in OKC (not to mention the right wing shooters in El Paso, Charleston, Tucson, etc.), you're not allowed the moral high ground.


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