Didja notice?

 It was pointed out to me that the folks “assaulting” the Capitol were wearing an unusually high number of BRAND NEW red Make America Great Again hats. 

I did a quick perusal of the videos early and later in the day, and found that that observaton appeared to be true: the hats worn by the earlier crowd were almost all well worn Later, their hats were nearly all brand new. 

Take from that what you will. 

4 thoughts on “Didja notice?

  1. antifa websites told their minions to show up camo'd as trumpers but wear their hats backward. i saw several in the violent side. several antifa ringleaders were identified in the crowd as well, and police were filmed escorting antifa buses into the area. i knew antifawas there when i saw one throw some liquid in a cops face. trumpers wouldn't do that. we were infiltrated.next time we will need to organize and issue i.d. badges or something. i saw a antifa guy that i recognized toting a big honking camera with inappropriate lens. that's their m.o. they guide the crowd to specific locations. we'll get the blame tho.antifa wins again.

  2. The buses weren't in DC, that was Minneapolis last year.

  3. And yet everyone being identified and arrested from photos and videos of the incident so far are known right-wingers. One dumb ass even was wearing his employee id badge.

    Nice try.


  4. But according to so many, we should not believe our lying eyes.

    We were ambushed, and masterfully. Not the first time. We had better start learning.

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