When your face falls off, or your lips swell up permanently

 Or all your hair falls out…or you have permanent nerve damage….

Remember, the US Government has indemnified the makers of Covid vaccine from any liability.

Now, I’m not saying any of the above things might happen to you when you get the vaccine….For all I know it has zero negative effects….I mean, my medical expertise is not that high…In fact, it is no better than Bill Gates level (neither of us have any, to be exact)…But the actual test pool is very small (so far… it is about to get much, much larger very quickly).

But if some bad result happens from some part of the vaccine, you have absolutely ZERO recourse. The folks that make, distribute, transport, or administer the potion have no liability should something untoward happen to you. They are protected..you are not. Thre is very little you can do…you do ahve a limited abilty to get some compensation from the Feds, but it is limited and is only for a year. 

Me? I intend to selflessly wait until most of my fellow citizens have tested the vaccine been inoculated before me….

3 thoughts on “When your face falls off, or your lips swell up permanently

  1. in the u.k. they've been using it for a week. so many severe allergic reactions they mandated a crash cart be directly beside the patient. they tell patients that if they have EVER had ANY reaction to ANYTHING don't take it. some of the researchers say it "could" result in sterility in young women. some have reported severe abdominal pain and a sizable fraction have had to be hospitalized. yeah i'll be the first in line, not! there has been no animal trials nor long term study of this new tech vac. dr. bahkdi, world renowned virology biology expert said no way he'd take it. so do canadian experts, thats enough for me coupled with my own common sense. i still remember gulf war syndrome. no thanks.

  2. For anyone under 40, healthy, and not frequently exposed due to their career field, there's almost no conceivable reason to get it to begin with, for years to come.

    Letting millions of those most at risk for dying from COVID (those 65+, and/or sporting multiple health issues that increase risk) be the beta-testers if they choose to be is entirely reasonable and prudent.

    Try to remember that whatever they're pimping in the U.K, there are 6 prospective vaccines here, not one, so at least 5 of them aren't the UK vax.

    Apples to oranges is always a fallacy.

  3. Aesop,
    Problem being is that there is no choice on the vaccine once you're in line. It's socialism vaccination–'do you want it or don't you'. By the by, they are using the Pfizer vaccine in Britain–the same one they are pimping here.

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