Typical Califronica Logic:

 So, in San Francisco, it will soon be illegal to smoke tobacco in your apartment….Because Seconhand Smoke is bad for others. 

Yet, oddly, weed is acceptable…. Apparently, secondhand weed smoke is less bad or something. 

One might think that if one is bad, the the other is also. But not to the children that run the governments in the Golden State. 

Typical California. 

One thought on “Typical Califronica Logic:

  1. Indeed; one of my friends on the ham radio has a neighbor that wakes up and weeds up every day, morning 'til night. The smoke goes out of her window and right into my friend's window. Calls to the sheriff are met with "'Nothing we can do. Weed is legal now…"

    I don't know who the hell votes for these "government officials." I've yet to find one that did. Methinks these people are dropped into place, regardless of whether they won the elections or not…

    To all you folks who voted for Biden because "I HATE TRUMP!!!;" you WILL regret your decision in short order, as you have just taken California "national…" …I tried to warn you…

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