The Leftists are expecting riots

 So if the Leftist Mayor of Chicago is expecting riots, then one might think that the rest of us should be expecting them as well, wouldn’t you think?

I mean, at the end of it all, It is possible that they are overly afraid that there will be riots like has happened TWICE already this year, and are just (for once) preparing for the worst (The city’s businesspeople are NOT gonna let her get away with failing to protect the downtown area again, you can bet on that…) But since the Coty is planning on riots, I am gonna plan for Riots to happen as well. And if it is gonna happen in Chicago, a pretty Leftist areas, then I expect it to happen in most other Blue cities as well. 

Seems that a LOT of Chicago businesses (at least the downtown ones, anyway) are planning on riots…boarding up and hiring security. I do know a small jewelry store near downtown is planning on closing early Monday and has made plans for the entire inventory to be elsewhere for a few days to a week. They can’t afford to be looted a third time. 

One way to look at things is that if the Leftist leaders are planning on Riots, then one might think that they expect Trump to win, and are planning for the Chaos that that will engender from the more radical of their members…

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