“Record Early Voting”

 So some statistics quoted by the News Media say that nearly 45% of the registered voters have voted early, either in-person or by mail.

I find this to be somewhat suspect, since even last election which had “record voting” did not exceed 80% of registered voters. (Except in some Blue precincts where the number of voters exceeded the number of registered voters by as much as 40%).

IF the stories are true, then this will either be another record, or there has been a great deal of fraud.

Sadly, I’m not sure which to expect. 

It is said that a million votes, in the right places, can swing this election. How many “late” mail-in votes will arrive post election day? In some places being 10 or more days late or not being signed (or having a matching signature) is not a disqualification…. 

It was the Blue (Democrat) politicians that pushed for extremely early votes and for increased Vote-By-Mail. 

Draw your own conclusions.

Me, I am afraid that Trump will not be able to win over the Margin of Fraud. 

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  1. Pete: You apparently need to learn to read.
    Try reading for content. rather than your childish (and rather stupid) preconceptions.

    'Having said that, it wasn't the "Red" states that changed the rules to favor the "Blue" candidate.

  2. B said, "I am afraid that Trump will not be able to win over the Margin of Fraud."

    How am I supposed to read that?


  3. If you look at reality, it should be obvious.

    'Twasn't Red Staters who changed the rules as to when (and how) votes would be counted.

    'Twasn't red staters who pushed for early voting.

    It isn't red staters who gain by all the changes.

    It isn't RNC types who proclaim that they will do whatever it takes to see their guy win…(even those in positions of power).
    Trump may well lose. But if he does, let it be because he LOST…cleanly, not 'cause your side cheated.

    I fully expect that there will be a bunch of "early votes" and Absentee Ballots" found late in the game in marginal areas.

    Margin of fraud. We shall see.
    It shouldn't be like anything I pointed out above should be a surprise to you, after all. You appear to be a rational, thinking being.

  4. And Pete: There's more (likely) fraud happening in PA, WI, AZ, GA, and other states too. IF you bother to look, you can find it.

    Innit odd that nearly 100% of these new ballots go to Biden? It is highly unlikely that the spit would be do one sided, but there it is…

    What say you?

  5. Let me start with a few facts.

    First, by their respective state laws, MI, PA and WI could not start counting their absentee ballots and early votes until yesterday.

    Second, by their respective state laws, MI and WI can not count any ballots received after yesterday, no matter the postmark. PA, by ruling of their state Supreme Court, is counting properly postmarked ballot that come in by 5 pm, Friday, Nov. 6. The PA Republican Party is taking this decision to court, charging that only the state legislature can make this change. Because of this legal action all ballots received between COB Nov. 3 and 5 pm, Nov. 6 are being sequestered. By the way, Ohio, a fairly red state the last two elections, is counting ballots received up to 10 days after election day as long as they are properly postmarked. I suppose I should cry about "red state fraud," but I won't because . . .

    In an interview that I saw this afternoon on both CNN and Fox, a spokesperson for the WI Sec. of State said that absentee ballot and early votes counting was a public event, meaning that any concerned citizen worried about this process could observe including representatives from the respective campaigns. Online, I found that MI also allows campaign representatives to observe the counting of absentee ballots and early votes. At the Detroit location, they limit the number of observers from each campaign to 134. It seems the Trump campaign made the news today when they tried to exceed their allotted number–footage included Trump supporters banging on the glass-windowed walls of the counting location. Online, I also found state documents from PA that define what a "poll watcher" is allowed to do. It includes monitoring voting stations and observing absentee ballot counting. I would be willing to bet that all 50 states and DC have allowances for observers to monitor the ballot counting process. So, despite what Trump's Twitter account says, the ballot counting process is pretty transparent.

    Now let's talk about vote counting trends. The results of big city precincts generally comes in later than rural precincts because there are so many more votes to count. Because of this Republican candidates generally jump off to a lead and Democrats hope to catch them. Remember in 2016 Hillary didn't concede until very late because she was hoping that Detroit, Philly and Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee would help her catch Trump in MI, PA and WI respectively. Now add in the fact that Biden has outdistanced Trump in early voting and absentee balloting by as much as 3 to 1 in big city locales, and it should be no surprise that the majority of the late vote tally would go to Biden.

    By the way, no disrespect to Busted Knuckles, but if I cited EB Misfit's blog as a source, you would laugh me right off your site. Find a better source. Meanwhile, I'll repeat that Trump's campaign has observers monitoring the ballot validating and counting process. While I am aware that the Trump campaign is going to sue MI and PA to stop the ballot counting process, I've heard no specific charges of wrongdoing or impropriety.

    I'm not sure what your issue with early voting is. It's identical to voting on election day, and here in GA, the period for early voting was the same length of time as it was in 2016. Most important, it is legal in the states that allow it, both red and blue.

    I guess there was a minor change to absentee balloting that had a major effect. Due to the pandemic, many states allowed "no-excuse" absentee ballots which led to huge numbers of absentee ballots. But all these absentee ballots had to be requested by individual voters before the states mailed them out, and I and others have explained the full process of submitting an absentee ballot which makes fraud quite unlikely. Oh yeah, absentee ballots are perfectly legal, and the campaigns have observers monitoring their count.

    More to come,


  6. To continue:

    You also made some claims of alleged blue state voter fraud from the past. Of course you didn't cite any specific examples, so I had to go looking. And I found something from Detroit in the 2016 election where approximately 37% of Detroit precincts reported more votes than voters causing the Detroit Free Press (it might have been the Detroit News) to decry that there was rampant voter fraud. The state of MI conducted an audit of some of the Detroit precincts ("the worst of the worst") under the watchful eyes of Ruth Johnson, the then REPUBLICAN Sec. of State for MI, and Rick Snyder, the then REPUBLICAN governor. The audit found that the majority of discrepancies were simply data entry mistakes or lack of data entry or ballot handling mistakes on the part of poll workers (volunteers). It seems the audit found 216 questionable (not fraudulent, questionable) votes. Remember, this was Republican state officials investigating a Democratic stronghold. Seems to me if there was something to find they would have found it. I have attached a link to the report for your perusal.


    The only other things I could find were reports/complaints of more registered voters than voter-eligible aged citizens in a number of voting districts, especially southern CA. But let's face it, people die and they don't advise the state; people move and while they are up to their ears in things involved in a move, they don't advise the state. When I moved from TN to GA, it took TN
    2-1/2 years to reach out to me and ask if I was still living there and seeking to vote. I suppose for those 2-1/2 years I could have voted in both GA and TN, except both states have voter id laws. When I got my GA drivers license, they rendered my TN drivers license invalid.

    If you have any other examples, let me know, so I can check them out.

    B, when it comes to fraud in the US, there really isn't any there there.

    Sorry about the long posts, but you brought up a bunch of things.


  7. Does that make the information BustedKnuckles had in his post incorrect?
    Sorry I was too lazy to find his information in an article you would have found acceptable.

    I was busy preparing to be a consultant on a deposition in a multi-million dollar lawsuit…that had to take precedence.

  8. Can't speak directly to BustedKnuckles' blog, but Politifact and FactCheck.org are showing similar claims to be false.

    And I certainly wasn't suggesting that you are lazy. Sorry if you took it that way.

    Good luck with the lawsuit.


  9. I find both Factcheck and especially politifact to ALMOST as reliable as Snopes.

  10. I don't use "Fact Checking" sites….none of them are trustworthy. Some lean Left and some lean Right. Neither tells the truth.

    If you use any of them to determine the veracity of anything, you are being led.

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