Funny strange, isn’t it?

 SO all the Biden supporters are gathering in larger cities…parks and such, to celebrate the Biden “Win” (so far only the Media has called it, but hey, if you tell a lie often enough and loudly enough…).

And nearly NONE of those folks gathering in large crowds, much closer than 6 feet apart, holding hands and dancing and cheering and all of that sort of celebratory stuff…are wearing a mask. 

I don’t hear the media chanting “SuperSpreader!!!”(eleventy!) or any of the other epithets they used for Trump rallies. (Much like they never said anything about the (Mostly Peaceful) BLM rallies either).

I guess now that Slow Joe (the Man with a Plan) is coming to power (at least the kids celebrating think so, and so does the Media…Me, I will wait and see) there is no reason to worry about catching the CoronaVirus….