Black Friday

 I’m not a “Hide behind your Mask” sort of guy. 

I do think that the Covid is real, and serious. 

If you wear a mask,  except under protest, that is your choice. 

But if you go out today, and mingle with everyone else to do your Black Friday shopping, in large crowds, you are an idiot. 

6 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. "But if you go out today, to do Black Friday shopping, in large crowds, COVID OR NOT, you are an idiot."

    There, fixed it for you 🙂

  2. just some fun facts for perspective…..
    at the present rate (2000 deaths per day) because of covid, we will all be dead in…..450 years

    at the present rate of infection, if you are the last person in america to contract covid, you will have to wait……20+ years

    now john hopkins university has released, then removed, a study stating covid does NOT affect the overall death rate in any age group in this country.

    wonder why they removed it??


  3. work in a covid environment, go out in public all the time w/o mask, have since the beginning. i'm still here. might get me tomorrow, might strok out or get hit by a meteor, same probability so fear not. " the day of my death was written even before i left the womb, why then should i fear it." stonewall jackson. and i would add "and there ain't a dam thing i can do about it."

  4. If you believe in magical viruses, and believe a mask will save you from them… you are in no position to call anyone an idiot.

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