AAANNDD….now the Chinese claim it was India that started this.

 First, of course, it was a “Wet Market” that served bats from a location 180+ MILES away from Wuhan that was the origin of the Sars-Covid-19 outbreak….Even though the epicenter of the first outbreak was mere tens of feet from the Wuhan center for weaponized diseases. 

THen, of course, they said it might have been Italy….

Now the Chinese are claiming that the outbreak was first found in India…..after the idea that it first originated in Italy failed to gain any traction….(because it was a lie). 

Despite the (multiple) claimed origins for the disease, it first surfaced in Wuhan,  likely not in the “Wet Market” (that didn’t serve bat carcases from mearly 200 miles away)…..but that is what they first claimed… came from a disease warfare lab that is located on the same block as the Wet Market they pointed to…..

I think that the Chinese are afraid of (and rightly so) repercussions from the rest of the world….so they are pointing to anyone but the Chinese as the source….

But I doubt that (all of)  the rest of the world will buy their lies…..It seems to be a cultural issue with eastern asians (not just the Chinese) to lie to Westerners….and for some reason, many Westernaers keep buying the lies over and over and over….

One thought on “AAANNDD….now the Chinese claim it was India that started this.

  1. Oh, but WAIT; you forget; early on, the Chinese were blaming THE UNITED STATES, saying WE imported the virus to CHINA as a biological weapon!

    …Even ASIANS don't trust Asians…

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