A broken stool

 Look: If Joe Biden had won, even narrowly, with no issues…I’d be disappointed, but would have dealt with it.

Our country survived EIGHT years of Barry Obama, and we will survive 4 years of Slow Joe….Or 3.75 years of Kamala Harris when Slow Joe is declared incompetent and she takes over in early 2021….).

But here is the thing:

Our country was different than other countries…we had three things going for us that made the USA different…better…than other countries.

1. We had a Constitution that protected us from our government, and enumerated rights that we have….inalienable rights that were sacrosanct. (So far, we still have those)

2. We had a Democratic Republic, with freely (and honestly) elected representatives. We no longer have that.

3. We had a peaceful transition of power from one president and one congress to another.(I’m not sure we will have that for reasons I will explain in a moment).

Our Constitution is still there…mostly

Our votes, our election, however, are no longer believably honest, nor is our election free from fraud. 

We may not have a peaceful transition of power, as the incoming President-elect is, for all purposes, illegitimate, not truthfully legally elected. 

A stool or a chair with one leg missing is useless. We no longer can trust the legitimacy of our elections. Our votes count for less today. Our rights as citizens to elect our leaders have been trashed…negated….thrown away in the quest for power.  

Those who facilitated this fraud are enemies of the State…traitors to the Republic. 

It matters not whether the result of the ballot counts is overturned by the courts at this point…the damage to our nation’s election integrity is done. 

This is more than just a Presidential election. This is the destruction of the integrity of our country…and the promise to it’s citizens. 

I don’t know if Joe Biden would have won without the fraud…and we will never know. Had the Fraud not manifested, I would have been able to support him as President. Now, however, his Presidency will be forever tainted. The American People, and Mr. Biden himself, will always wonder, always remember him as the illegitimate President.

If I were Donald J. Trump, I think I would fight this to the end. In the courts, and possibly elsewhere. He knows, as do you and I, that this election debacle is cheating…Fraud on an industrial scale. 

In the end, those with a lust for power, those who fraudulently “Found” votes, who allowed votes, hundreds of thousands of votes… to be counted when they were so obviously fraudulent, will have done more than just engineered a coup….they (along with a willing Press) will have damaged our country permanently….Because they will have undermined the sanctity of our elections, and destroyed one of the three pillars that made the USA different….and better….than any country elsewhere in the world. 

That stool is useless now…it is missing one of it’s legs. Fit only for firewood. It matters not how this turns out…our country is broken.

And we, as a people, stood by and let then get away with doing that. 

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