Sad Press

 The disappointment is palpable. 

Donne didn’t die (YET!) 

BUT…He did remove his mask. OMG!

His going home is, of course, terrible. Because reasons. 

In the meantime, the rest of the country doesn’t seem to care one way or another. 

Except, of course those with TDS, they have something new to froth up about.  And they have.

2 thoughts on “Sad Press

  1. Saw Biden on the news this morning at a town hall ranting about the President not wearing a mask while not wearing a mask and taking a question from someone in the audience who was not wearing a mask. No one in the newsroom made a comment about the irony of this situation……..

  2. I'll take a flawed man of strength over a man who cowers in his house for months, in fear for his own life…

    It doesn't end with Biden, either. Cameltoe Harris was pitching a bitch about the possibility of reconvening the Senate for the SCOTUS confirmation. Yet she doesn't see anything wrong with thousands and THOUSANDS of postal workers being exposed to COVID while dealing with the mail-in ballots the Democrats are so big on… Cameltoe is another coward…

    America needs cowards in the white House about as much as it needs another lockdown…

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