So what with the election all close and shit, we are getting BOMBARDED by political ads from the city of Chicago and its environs. 

The new buzzword in the attack ads is “Extreme”.  (which might be effective if nearly every ad didn’t use it)..

A candidate is “Extreme” if he or she doesn’t want things like free shit, health care, abortion, etc. 

They are “Extreme” if they don’t want all the liberal goals….if they want normal conservative things.. law and order, not having the government pay for everything, if they think that people have choices, and their choices should have consequences…

In other words, anything that doesn’t go along with the Liberal Agenda is “Extreme”…even if that “Extreme” view was the nor  as little as 10 years ago.

I never realized how “Extreme” I was…..

5 thoughts on “Redefining:

  1. Complete reversal down here in Georgia.

    All democrats are extreme radicals and socialists, according to Repubs, because they want equal law and order for ALL Americans, women to control their own health issues, someone to treat this pandemic like the national issue it is, etc. Normal democrat issues.

    Worse than the TV ads are the robo-texts from both parties. As bad as robocalls in the past.

    Wife and I just got back from 6 days in Asheville, NC. Our vacation rental only had access to streaming–no network TV. That was a nice break.


  2. The only radical thing I see from what you just mentioned is the whole "Women's Health Care" agenda, which is a way to say "Abortion" without saying it (and, of course, it MUST be funded by the Government…God for bid that they pay for their own decisions and choices…).

  3. Oh, and "Pete" do the ads you see use the term "Extreme" 5 to 10 times in a 30 second commercial to describe their opponent?

    I'm just wondering if it is a Chicago attack ad thing, or if the Leftists are using this formula all across the country?

  4. Nothing really new there I’m afraid. Growing up rural, I thought I was a fairly tolerant, middle of the road guy. I had to go to a university to learn that I was a right wing a** hole. Guess saying that team blue had some policies I didn’t like was too “extreme” for some people.

  5. B said, "do the ads you see use the term "Extreme" 5 to 10 times in a 30 second commercial to describe their opponent?"

    Not that much. The conservative pacs down here use some combination of "extreme" and "radical" and "socialist" and "liberal" and "crazy," in their ads and repeat it once or twice with pictures of Pelosi, Schumer and AOC.

    The liberal pacs hammer republican candidates for wanting to get rid of health care and end protections for pre-existing conditions.

    One of our senate races is a special election and right now it doesn't look like anyone will be getting a clear majority. So, more campaigning until January. Hoorah for us.


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