Of COURSE its “Disinformation”

 So the media is now floating the theory that the Biden Emails (see below posts) are “disinformation” from “Russia” via the Ukraine via Rudy Giuliani 

Odd how the Ukraine (which is where Hunter Biden was “employed” by Burisma for his father’s influence during the Obama Administration) has so much power, so many “Operatives” that can control so much influence over the American People and their choice for President, innit? 

Nice attempt to discredit. Nice deflection too. 

Are the emails legit? I dunno. They do fit the theory that has been floating around for a year or more, and it does seem odd that Burisma would hire Hunter Biden for his (nonexistent) “Expertise”…(not to mention the CHinese, but that is another story) ……I mean, they were paying his some serious coin to do……..??