Odd, alcohol after 10 pm can cause covid?

 So in Chicago, the Mayor is implementing “curfews” for bars and restaurants. No alcohol sales after 9 PM, no food after 10 for any business deemed “Non-Essential”. 

Why is it that before 9 PM, booze is safe? Or even going to a bar BEFORE 9 PM, but it is bad AFTER

Really, I gotta ask what the hell are they thinking? What logic makes this a good idea? 

Or is it Social Conditioning? Or simply a power grab? 

2 thoughts on “Odd, alcohol after 10 pm can cause covid?

  1. The same question needs to be posed concerning why none of the churches in my area are allowed to have indoor services; services full of people, 99% of whom are local and have most likely exposed each other already, while the CASINO in my area is allowed to fill at will, with both local and out-of-area customers mixing it up and breathing the same air… Oh… It's the SCIENCE… I think it's time to see Mr. Whoopee!


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