Odd, alcohol after 10 pm can cause covid?

 So in Chicago, the Mayor is implementing “curfews” for bars and restaurants. No alcohol sales after 9 PM, no food after 10 for any business deemed “Non-Essential”. 

Why is it that before 9 PM, booze is safe? Or even going to a bar BEFORE 9 PM, but it is bad AFTER

Really, I gotta ask what the hell are they thinking? What logic makes this a good idea? 

Or is it Social Conditioning? Or simply a power grab? 

2 thoughts on “Odd, alcohol after 10 pm can cause covid?

  1. "Or is it Social Conditioning? Or simply a power grab?"

    Bingo… aaaand… Bingo…

  2. The same question needs to be posed concerning why none of the churches in my area are allowed to have indoor services; services full of people, 99% of whom are local and have most likely exposed each other already, while the CASINO in my area is allowed to fill at will, with both local and out-of-area customers mixing it up and breathing the same air… Oh… It's the SCIENCE… I think it's time to see Mr. Whoopee!


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