Instrument Pilot

 Yeah, you might have noticed that I have been posting very little and what I did post was not my “A” game. 

That’s ’cause I was studying hard for my Instrument exam and checkride. 

And all that work paid off.

I now hold an Instrument rating on my Private Pilot certificate. 

I am an instrument pilot.

5 hours of oral exam, and a 1.4 hour flight.

All culminating in a landing on a 180 runway with a 220 wind at 21 GUSTING 34…(and it was a good landing too). 

So now my ability to go places just  got a bit greater. If this Covid shit would finish (or after the election) I will put it to good use. 

It only took a year longer than I had expected it to take, but I got there. 

5 thoughts on “Instrument Pilot

  1. Excellent! Congratulations on EARNING the coveted Inst. It is hard work and it is worthy.

    I've often heard such talk that the IR is not to get you deeper into the slag but to give you a better Plan B when/if you do. Kinda like 4 wheel drive is not to go further into the mud but to help you get out if you should get in.

    I am of the mind to not agree with that, not entirely that is. A pilot can become so conservative in his flying that eventually he never leaves the hanger. I prefer pushing the edges of the envelope so the middle part becomes ever larger.

    Above all, a man has got to know his limitations. Go forth to commit aviation. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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