“The bottom line is aerosol transmission possible but not the main way that spreads”


So the CDC does a 180 on their view of the method of infection of Covid-19….then removes it.

I toldya there was no “science” behind the 6 foot “Social Distancing” rule. 

Now we have evidence that there wasn’t. 

And, of course, if aerosols aren’t the main method of transmission, then we are back to “Do masks really do anything?” 

(yes, they do keep large droplets from spraying onto that person next to you, but are they really effective? I mean, we were told that the “Science was settled” about the 6 foot too….and now we know that that is bullshit….will they flip=flop about the masks too?) 

I mean, so far, according to the CDC, masks are not effective, except that they are, except that they aren’t, unless you are in a crowd that is protesting (when they aren’t needed) unless it is a right-leaning protest, when they are effective and required….Now we have the whole 6 foot rule in doubt….Are we really getting any value out of the money we spend on the CDC? Or are they just making pronouncements and hoping for the best? 

2 thoughts on ““The bottom line is aerosol transmission possible but not the main way that spreads”

  1. Are they effective? IMO, YES,, But,,Only to protect someone from the wearer who is the kinda person we all back away from when they are talking.
    Watching them hyperventilate over the damn masks is wearin me out. Wearing one, while I am Ever so certain its an exercise in stupidity, something akin to wearing a speedo for protection while riding motorcycle,, Thats how effective I see them as,, Pretending Masks are the answer, while, rather than hand out masks, emptying prisons, because obviously masks dont work, or they would be in prison, wearin a mask,, AmiRight?
    So, Yesterday I spent almost $1,000.00 at Lowes. My oven/stove started actin up, it's gonna be November when it gets here. Best Buy has one, same item, same money, I could have it in a week,, BUT,, they were assholes about me not wearin a mask.. Theyd let me shop, just nobody would check me out,,
    SO, we walked out ,, Ill wait,, Screw em..

  2. If the virus is spread due to aerosol transmission then masks aren't necessary because they won't stop aerosols. I think they accidentally told the truth but killed their own mask meme.

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